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Wish you had a pair of shorts you could wear seamlessly, day to day, in every situation life throws at you without looking like you wear socks with sandals?

Your Shorts Have Arrived

When Can I Get My

Legs in Them?

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"All Worlds"

Magellan Shorts

The Worlds Best Everyday Explorer Shorts

Introducing -

A revolutionary pair of shorts — We drove 11,000 miles through 21 countries to test and iterate our designs in every situation and climate possible until we created the best Everyday Explorer Shorts ever made!

Fully Integrated Drawstring With Baja Return For Internal Tie or Belt Use

Utility Front Loop for Sunglasses or Carabiner

Unbreakable Metal Buttons with Nylon Tape Attachment

Double Lock Super Security Back Right Pocket

Secret Full Size Zipper Pockets 

Mesh Lined Pockets to Let Air Flow and Water Escape

Triple Stitched for Ultimate Durability

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4 Way Stretch Cotton, Nylon, Elastane blend for cotton feel and polyester/elastane comfort, stretch

and anti-stain properties

DRW Protection

water repellent coating to dry quick and reduce stains

Anti-Bacterial Treatment — Continuous wear coating to keep germs from growing and clothes from smelling bad

2 week wear guaranteed!

Secret Rear Pocket

for quick stash and easy access phone / pen…


Anti Swamp ass rear heat escape vent — Same color so it won’t look weird, but made with stretch micro mesh that lets air and heat out!


Anti Ball Sweat heat

escape mesh insert.

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